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Strawberry Jam – strawberry fields forever

Hi there, It is one of the best growing times of the year – strawberries are ripening all over the Garden State. And the fragrance of strawberries always takes me back to my childhood. As a child our family lived at that line called the poverty level. Anything purchased at the supermarket was an extravagance.

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elizabeth’s kugel – steals your heart away

Hi there, My friend, Elizabeth, sent me this delightful story about her mother and her aunt. I wanted to share this with you along with the scrumptious recipe for Kugel. I identify with Elizabeth’s mother having married into an Italian-American family as an outsider. And, I did the same thing as her. I cooked my

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CANDIED SUSHI – when Japan met America

Hi there, I have a Japanese aunt. I love the reaction that always elicits when I tell someone. I can see the person looking at my face more carefully and trying to discern some trace of Japanese heritage. When I was about 14 my Uncle Jim went to Japan met, fell in love, and married

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MY MOTHER’S RECIPE #6 – Mom Mom’s Rice Pudding

Hi there, When my son Andrew was about 14 he played midget football. That is how I met Brad Spence, who grew up to become an extraordinary chef. Standing at the football field that day, I would never have imagined that possibility. But Brad apparently loved cooking and after college graduated from the CIA. He

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My Mother’s Recipe #4 – Betty’s Pound Cake, “so good she paid the plumber with it”.

“…behind every Guide Michelin chef there was a woman, usually a four foot cataract-ridden old granny from whom he’d filched his best recipes.” ― Karen Karbo, Julia Child Rules: Lessons on Savoring Life Hi there, Betty Pieffer is my friends Chuck and Roe’s mother and mother-in-law. I have known Chuck and Roe ever since they adopted my dog.

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