DEVIL STICKS – They’re creepy, and they’re kooky. Mysterious, spooky, and altogether delicious.

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Hi there,

Today we have a guest post from my granddaughter, Maya:

Hi, Maya speaking. I found this recipe on YouTube and wanted to make it forever. I showed it to MeMe last week, and she said we could make it the next time we were together.

It is so delicious. It has mozzarella sticks and Flamin Hot Cheetos. So, we made them, and then we took the sticks to MeMe’s office. Everyone ate them up. I only had three left on the plate to share with my family. Everyone said they were sooo good. MeMe said she thought they would make a fun Sunday Football or Halloween treat.

Oh, by the way, MeMe said we had to make them a little bit healthier but I think they came out great anyway.


9 ounces of light string cheese sticks

1/2 cup whole wheat flour

2 eggs, beaten

8 ounces of Flaming Hot Crunch Cheetos, crushed in the food processor


Dip the string cheese sticks into the beaten egg

Coat with flour

Dip again in the egg

Coat with the crushed Cheetos

Put in the freezer for 30 to 60 minutes

Heat the air fryer to 400 degrees

Put in the air fryer for 4 to 6 minutes

Serve with marinara sauce or sauce of your choice

25 responses to “DEVIL STICKS – They’re creepy, and they’re kooky. Mysterious, spooky, and altogether delicious.”

  1. The spiders scared me for a second! I thought they were REAL on my screen and was going to hit them!!! LOL The devil sticks look yummy!

  2. D. Wallace Peach – 30 Miles beyond the edge of civilization, Oregon – I'm an adventurer in writing, peering under rocks in my garden for secret magic. I can't stop writing. My stories want to explode from my head. They demand my attention and surge from my fingertips faster than I can put them to paper. I love what I do.
    D. Wallace Peach says:

    Those look “flamin’ hot!” But I guess if everyone gobbled them up, they were the perfect amount to heat. I’m so sorry there were only three left for your family, Maya. I guess you’ll just have to make more. Lol. Thanks to you and Meme for sharing your recipe. I’m sure to give it a try. Happy October and enjoy your Halloween. 😀

  3. Ronit Penso Tasty Eats – NY, NY – Private chef, cookbook author, food journalist and translator. I love traveling and love to find out more about food wherever I go.
    Ronit says:

    Great job Maya! 🙂

  4. Priti – I, a teacher, dreamer, imaginative personality, feel life deeply and try to express it through my writing.
    Priti says:

    Looking delicious cheese sticks! Thank you for sharing 👌👌

  5. the Painted Apron – Life is all about creativity for me, as long as I'm creating something I am happy! I hope I will inspire your daily life and give you ideas for your own wonderful creations!
    Jenna says:

    Cooking with your grands is always a fun experience! Can’t stay here long, the spiders are creeping me out!

  6. What a beautiful young lady Bernadette! Tell her nice job.

  7. I’m always looking for easy, tasty treat to bring to our neighborhood Halloween party and these look perfect. We don’t have an air fryer but I imagine a convection oven would work just as well.

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