CHICKEN CACCIATORE – a special dinner and a special memory

In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future. Frederick Douglas

Hi there,

I received this lovely note and recipe from my friend, Rita, the other day and I had to share it with you to finish off the month of May.

Hi Bern-

This is a photo of my loving mother Mary Rita Tomasone Garbe. 

I’ve been wanting to send this but I couldn’t put my hands on it. I finally found it in one of my books. 
Chicken cacciatore was a “special” dinner in our house when mom would surprise us with it.

We grew up in a very modest home and this dish wash for “company” and always a crowd pleaser followed with the delicious rice pudding. 

As we got older and on our own, whenever mom could get us all under one roof at the same time this was her gift and we loved every bite! 
Hopefully my family enjoy hearing the stories of
My parents as much as I cherish the memories. 
I made it with chicken thighs and used olive oil where it stated salad oil. Enjoy!! ♥️

Well, this concludes my Mother’s Day May tributes. I hope you have enjoyed all the beautiful mothers and their varied recipes. I want to thank all my contributors for making this series so special.

20 responses to “CHICKEN CACCIATORE – a special dinner and a special memory”

  1. I was so excited to see Rita’s photos and recipe for chicken cacciatore. Rita’s mom is beautiful, just like Rita, and seeing the recipe in her original handwriting is priceless. Although this is different from my family’s recipe, which includes peppers and mushrooms, it sounds delicious! It originates from love for family and bringing everyone together to share a meal. That’s the BEST!

    Bern, thanks for posting Rita’s special story! And Rita, thanks for sharing it!

  2. These posts have all been so heartwarming, Bernadette. I love how your followers have these wonderful memories associated with food and family gatherings. Rita certainly does. The images of the handwritten recipes are great – part of the mystique of these wonderful dishes. Looks delicious!

    • Thanks Diana. These posts allow me an opportunity to get to know. people a little bit better and I am grateful for that opportunity.

  3. There is so much history here Bernadette. The old recipes are still the best. I am so sorry but I will be deleting the Friday post you linked to this post. I only allow one recipe per post and it wouldn’t be fair to allow this one with two recipes, even though they both sound delicious! Please feel free to post another recipe!!!! I have been blocking people trying to add their videos. I know this was innocent on your part, I just want to be fair. 💕

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. If you like this recipe, please give it to your friends.

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