Beautiful Beets – a bright spot on dreary winter days.

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It is a January winter day here in New Jersey. Christmas is over and Valentine’s Day is not until next month. When my friend invited us to dinner she asked me to bring a vegetable. Honestly, I thought, I cannot look at another squash recipe. I need some jewel tones in my life. I came across this recipe in Lemon, Love & Olive Oil and modified it to make it my own. I hope you enjoy it and it brightens up your plate.

There’s something about the work itself — slicing and chopping, assembling, tossing, sliding a sheet pan out of the oven, stirring a pot on the stove — that offers a kind of respite from whatever ache thrums through your psyche, whatever trouble stalks your soul. 



  • 3 golden beets
  • 3 purple beets
  • 8 carrots
  • 2 cups full fat greek yogurt
  • juice of 1 lemon (I used a Meyer lemon)
  • EVOO, I like Bertolli first pressed
  • salt and pepper
  • handful of fresh mint


  • Peel the carrots
  • Slice the beets into quarters
  • On seperate sheet pans cover the vegetables in olive oil
  • Roast at 375 degrees, the carrots will probably be done in 30 minutes, and the beets in 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • When the vegetables have cooled slice the carrots into large chunks
  • Peel the beets and slice into large chunks
  • Spread a thick layer of yogurt over a large platter
  • Place the carrots and beets on the yogurt
  • Drizzle with the juice of the lemon
  • Taste for salt and pepper and add as needed
  • Sprinkle with mint leaves
  • Serve and enjoy at room temperature!

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