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One of my friends, D. Wallace Peach, who blogs at https://mythsofthemirror.com, is not only the author of some very intriguing books but also a lot of fun. She has started off the new year with a writing challenge. The challenge involved writing about the accumulated books a person owns and hasn’t had time to read.

What follows is what I submitted. I think anyone can relate to my dilemma.

Ode To My Cookbooks

From the loneliness of your bookshelves, I hear your plea, please read me.

Julia, your chicken is superb,

But, alas, I only have time for a blurb.

Ina, you are my hero,

But my time to read is zero.

Marcella, your pasta has no peer,

But, no time to read I fear.

Dorie, your recipes are so sweet,

But, I only have time for a tweet.

But, do not despair my dear soul mates,

Your recipes again will grace my plates,

As soon as I find the time

To end this silly rhyme.

Thank you Diana for shaking things up a bit this January with this challenge, and thanks to my dear readers for putting up with this bit of whimsy.


66 responses to “A LITTLE BIT OF FUN”

  1. I downsized and moved cross country several years back. At that time, all of my books with the exception of maybe a half a dozen and the book cases they resided in were donated. I now use the library’s vast catalog. I’m at a point in life where I have no interest in accumulating books or anything else for that matter. I’m now comfortable being a minimalist. Thank goodness we can also always find great recipes online at the tip of our fingers. 🙂

    • I downsized last year too Judy and gave away most of my books but I find myself accumulating cookbooks again. Regular books I give aways as soon as I am done. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I own dozens of cookbooks. Problem is that I read 3 recipes, buy another one, get distracted and don’t open the original again for 10 years. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

      • I may have an Excel spreadsheet for that. It has all of my cookbooks listed as a page, and each has columns of recipe categories from the book, with the recipes listed below the category in the assigned column. Then I can use the search 🔍 option to locate the recipe.
        OCD makes me weird but I embrace some of it

  3. Smiling, smiling, smiling. Thanks for your delightful rhyme of the intricacies of finding the time to cook AND read. Just keep on cooking, Bernadette. And blogging, of course! 🙂

  4. LOL. I knew it! I just knew that you had a pile of cookbooks and probably more recipes than you could cook. I only have about 8 and even I’ll never make a tenth of the meals. Thanks so much for playing, Bernadette. I think I’m already out to Wednesday for reblogs, but look forward to giving everyone a laugh. <3

  5. I’m totally embarrassed to look at my accumulation of books, cookbooks in particular. In addition to the books I’ve accumulated myself, I also inherited my chef mother-in-law’s collection of cookbooks that number in the hundreds. I’m still trying to deal with them, most of which I know I’ll never open.

  6. I love reading cookbooks and of course, marking the recipes I want to try and those I have tried with good success. These are the ones I write on the cover of my cookbook which is the only way I can put my hands on the recipe I want.
    I have enjoyed Ina Garten’s “Make it Ahead” and Sophia Loren’s “Recipes and Memories”–both books having little stories behind the recipes. And of course, the food photography and countryside around are tummy appealing and extremely appealing! Thank you for your fun poem and I’m like everyone else, I have “weeded” out the books no longer used or looked at and made room for new ones. . . .My bookshelf still doesn’t look empty and I don’t think I want it to be!

  7. Ah, this is great, Bernadette! And funny. 🙂
    I, too, have a mountain of cookbooks and I swear that I will get rid of them but I never do. They are like old friends and they inspire me way beyond what I find in their actual pages.

  8. I love this, I am one of those people with a slew of cookbooks. I love cookbooks. I went on a cooking spree not too long ago and used recipes online that sounded interesting. I baked 2 cakes and several entrees and none of them turned out right. It was then, I decided I will only trust the recipes in my cookbooks, some of them date back to British cookbooks published before WWII, but the recipes and the resultant dishes, always turn out perfectly. I am sticking with my cookbooks. Some things online, just cannot be trusted

  9. Fun poem, Bernadette! I too read cookbooks like novels. My sauce-splattered collection is probably the most-read genre amongst the many books I possess.🥣

  10. Bernadette, I love how you address your cookery books, their writers … it had never occured to me that these are also waiting to be read, the recipes created! 😀 I have a couple of favourite recipe books which are falling apart yet new pristine ones barely touched, I imagine they are rather green with envy! A great fun and whimsical poem in response to Diana’s unique challenge!

  11. Ahhhh. I have this lovely cookbook for vegetarian dishes. It’s beautiful. I page through the first few recipes every year or so … then put it back on the shelf. 😀

  12. I have piles of cookbooks, Bernadette! When we first got a microwave oven (ages ago), I collected cookbooks for that. My daughter and her hubby are vegetarian, so are my hubby’s siblings. I collected vegetarian cookbooks. Then downloaded recipes from internet. How many recipes have I used? I don’t know.

    What a fun poem! Thanks for the chuckle!

  13. Very clever poem! I read cookbooks like they’re novels, and jot down the names of the recipes I want to try along with the page numbers. Then, I return them to the shelf and never get around to trying the recipes.

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