Food: Eggplant Tian and memories of Provence

I have had the very good fortune of being included in the September edition of Magpies Magazine, If you get a chance, stopover there. You won’t be disappointed.


By Bernadette Laganella

A few years ago I had the very good fortune to spend a week in Provence. Provence is everything everyone says it is and more. It is incredibly beautiful and filled with the smell of lavender, good bread, and delicious foods.

Our trip coincided with the summer solstice. We were delighted and surprised to see that the town celebrated the solstice with a street party. There were lights strung across the streets, music, people dancing, having a glass of wine or just out strolling arm in arm. What a way to celebrate the beginning of summer. Outside of the June 21st I delivered my son, Stephen, it was the most memorable summer solstice I have ever experienced.

One of the dishes I had that night was an eggplant tian. When I saw fairy tale eggplants at the farmer’s market on Saturday, it brought back the memory of…

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  1. I thought I was experiencing deja vu when I saw this post because I immediately recognized it from before. Now I realize you shared it again because of the magazine feature! What an honor, and well-deserved! 🙂 I’m going to have to try this because Les adores eggplant.

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