A compliment that is so gracious it deserves a post of its own.

Hi there,

I received the following picture and Email from my friend, Elizabeth. It just makes me smile all over when someone makes one of my recipes and sends me a picture. Thanks Elizabeth for being the cause of my happy dance.

“Hi Bern.  I couldn’t figure out how to post this photo on your blog, so I’m sending it to you, along with my caption.

Todd and I made this dish together.   Blanching the broccoli rabe made all the difference in mellowing the bitterness of this veggie.  And just like that, my husband became a fan!  We loved this dish and the best part was we had enough for two dinners.  It will definitely hold a place in our dinner rotation repertoire.  And the next time I’ll add some cannellini beans, now that I’ve learned how to cook them from scratch, thanks to Sue Clancy and you, Bern.”


Elizabeth Mangino Wallace

“When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be.”  Lao Tzu

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  1. What a nice comment!!! It looks
    On a lighter note Bern, I made Sandy’s Meatball Yummies and they were yummy!!! Now in true Rita Shusted fashion, I was planning on sharing the photograph, however I served them to family and when I came back to take the photo, there were but two meatballs left!!!
    So obviously they were delicious. I plan on serving them again on Friday for some guests so I will be sure to take and share a photo!!
    As always, thank your for sharing yourself and these wonderful recipes and stories. ❤️

    • Rita, you are too funny. Thanks for the note and I look forward to receiving one of your recipes and a photo in true Rita Shusted fashion😍

  2. To Bern and the other contributors to this wonderful New Classic Recipe blog, I hope you know how much your stories, recipes and photos, and the effort you put into posting them, is so very much appreciated by your readers. You’ve created a beautiful online community! THANK YOU all!

  3. Oh I’m honored to hear that my Magic Beans recipe is of use to someone!! Often I do that cannellini beans and broccoli rabe combo… with a bit of gruyere cheese and chopped fresh tomato! So yummy!

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