MY MOTHER’S RECIPE #2 – Move over Poilâne

Hi there, My grandson, Lucas, has been interested in cooking and baking since he was old enough to put Hershey kisses in peanut butter blossom cookies. His mother has cooked with him since he was knee high to a grasshopper. As a result of that time spent with Mom in the kitchen, he has become…

MY MOTHER’S RECIPE #1- Italian Ricotta Cookies

Hi there, A friend of mine reminded me that in May we celebrate Mother’s Day. Bev suggested I do something with mother’s and grandmother’s recipes for the month. Thank you Bev. I am going to start out with my mother-in-law’s ricotta cookie recipe. This cookie is without doubt her son’s favorite cookie in the world….

Cauliflower – a tale of three friends

Hi there, My bestie, Fran, gave to me a cookbook by Eric Ripert on vegetables. It was a totally unnecessary present to thank me for just doing something a loyal friend does. Fran is someone who knows me inside and out. We met ankle deep at the baby pool and have been inseparable ever since….