“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” 

― Charles M. Schulz

Hi there,

I am goofy, over the moon in love with my grandchildren. And probably my best way of showing love is to make the object of my devotion something to eat. So, I spent the other morning making white chocolate bark decorated with small little heart jimmies. I found these little Valentine’s mailboxes on Amazon and I am going to fill the mailboxes with the candy and a card. I can’t wait to see their faces. Feel free to copy this idea for your own loved one or ones.


  • 1/2 bag roasted, salted pistachios
  • 2, 11 oz bags of Ghiradelli white chocolate chips
  • 3, 10 oz bags of Ghiradelli white chocolate melting wafters
  • 2, 5 oz bags of Mariani dried cherries
  • 2, 4oz Ghiradelli white chocolate baking bars
  • heat shaped jimmies


  • using your slow cooker layer:
  • chocolate chips followed by
  • pistachios then
  • white melting wafers then
  • dried cherries
  • finishing with broken up chocolate baking bars
  • put slow cooker on low
  • watch carefully and continue to stir until chocolate is melted and ingredients combined
  • on a good stretch of nonstick aluminum foil spoon out the mixture to for a rectangle
  • sprinkle the jimmies on the candy
  • when just about set, score the candy
  • when completely set, break into pieces along the scored lines

Special note: this recipe may look a little daunting but it is super easy. I tried to use a heart shaped cookie cutter but it “just didn’t cut it”. If anyone makes this candy into fancy shapes, please let me know.

Love, love, love, Bernadette💕💕💕

14 responses to “LOVE AND CHOCOLATE”

  1. I love the way you speak of your grandchildren, Bernadette. When I was a little girl (all those years ago), I spent so much time with my grandma, and she was ALWAYS trying to fix me something to eat! <3
    This is a fun and simple way to make a bark candy; never would I have thought to do it in a slow cooker!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to read. I am an older grandmother on a mission that my grandchildren will remember me.

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